We are offering virtual classes for students in Punjabi, Gurbani, Kirtan & Tabla.
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Read, learn and write Punjabi through our various resources from books, videos & worksheets.
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Meet & Greet

Come say hi and meet us at our stall during the Abbotsford Nagarkirtan, Our stall will be located at the Kalgidhar Park.

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Registration is now open. Enroll your children in various classes like Punjabi, Gurbani, Kirtan & Gatka.

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Apply Now: Part-Time Summer Internships

We are offering 5 part-time internships this summer. Deadline to apply is June 23rd, 2023.

06/01/2023 / Work With Us
We are offering 5 Part-Time Internship Positions. Apply Now!
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05/01/2022 / ANNOUNCEMENT
All Classes Extended to June 26 2022
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Welcome to Shan E Khalsa Gurmat Academy

Shan E Khalsa Gurmat Academy is a Gurmat Academy that has been running since 2003. Through Gurmat Veechar and Sikh ideology, the academy has connected children and adults in a challenging yet fun environment.

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"Shan E Khalsa is a great Gurmat Academy. They teach a lot about sikh religion. We even sometimes go to the park when it’s sunny outside. A lot of kids go to Shane Khalsa. We read a lot of Punjabi stories. The teachers are very nice. We have tests sometimes. Sometimes we play games, like 7up. I think Shan e Khalsa is the best Punjabi school."

- Jasmine K Gill


"Shan E Khalsa Academy has helped me learn so much Punjabi in the last two years. Not only can I read and write Punjabi better, but I can also speak it better. It is a very helpful and fun learning experience in life. The teachers are very patient with you and will help you again and again until you master what you are having trouble with."

- Areet K Hansra


"Shan E Khalsa is a very rewarding Gurmat Academy. We learn to read and write Punjabi. Teachers are very patient and helpful. They are very patient and helpful because if you do not understand they will work with you until you are caught up with the rest of the class. They break the classes into three parts level, one, two and three. In level one you learn the core vowel symbols. The teacher takes time teaching every vowel symbol. So that you can master everything. I also enjoy going to Punjabi classes because all of the fun prizes we can win."

- Prabjot K Gill


"Shan E Khalsa is fun when we do group activities and read the chapter words and sentences together. I like when we listen to stories because then we can understand the story behind the topic."

- Baljot K Rai

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