About Us

The Shan E Khalsa Gurmat Academy is a Gurmat School run by the Shan E Khalsa Gurmat Society, a non-profit society. Since 2003, the Shan E Khalsa Gurmat Academy has connected children and adults with the divine teachings of Sikhism in a challenging yet fun environment.

Our goal is to give all of our students the knowledge and understanding to discover and defend the truth, identify and develop their individual gifts, and achieve their fullest, God-given potential – intellectually, physically, and spiritually. This equips them with the tools required to avoid negative influences such as drugs, gangs and violence.

The Academy offers a wide variety of classes including Punjabi, Kirtan, Tabla, Gurbani Santhiya, Sikh History, Philosophy, and Gatka. Classes range in difficulty from beginner to advanced and are offered for both children and adults.

We have also developed textbooks for our Punjabi classes. The books will guide Punjabi students up to the Grade 12 level. A software program CD has been developed to learn Punjabi on the computer.

We are determined to provide a productive and enjoyable learning experience to all students. Our teachers are experienced and we use the latest form of technology (computers, slideshows, etc.) to enhance our teaching methods. Before registering your children, we encourage everyone to come and see how the Academy operates and how classes are taught.

Along with our classes, the Shan E Khalsa Gurmat Society is involved in Sikhi Parchaar (Preaching of Sikhism) by organizing regular Gurmat workshops, Gurmat camps, Katha & Kirtan Smagams, Paath Smagams, Senior tours, Community events and retreats to further promote Sikh values and teachings throughout North America. A weekly evening program is held every Saturday night, which includes a visual presentation as an aid to the history and philosophy lectures.

Since the Shan E Khalsa Gurmat Society is a non-profit society, we rely on the support of the Sangat (community).


We offer internship opportunities to individuals who enjoy creating a fun learning environment for students. At Shan E Khalsa our mission is to provide learning resources for the Sikh Youth and to do that we host annual gurmat camps, sports day events, monthly programs and field trips. With the help of Service Canada we are excited to be offering the following 4 positions on a part-time basis.

Before you apply, make sure you have read the job descriptions thoroughly!

We are looking for:
1 Social Media Marketer1 Event Planner2 Youth Facilitators